Friday, September 10, 2010

I love you, BUT...

While I love my husband dearly, I rarely get much sewing done when he's home on a day off. Yesterday he came home, and shortly after we celebrated him getting the job, he started feeling ill. I contend he has hay fever or some such thing... While I suffer almost year-round from allergies, Tim seems to only have 2 days in the fall where he's like death, but then it goes away for another year.

He went to bed early, though, so I actually got some sewing done! The back is pieced for the wonky houses... I'm thinking I will work on it tomorrow evening after football.

I love my husband. And I don't mind taking breaks from sewing, I just hate having to put it all away so we can move in the kitchen/sunroom... putting it away makes it hard to just sit and sew a quick 10 minutes!

Hopefully, I really will get my sewing room soon!

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