Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a great end to the day!

First, i came home and made bruschetta from scratch... YUMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!! Then, Tim called and let me know he got all his paperwork done, AND had started the process of us getting a mortgage!!! He has to do most of the work since it's a VA-backed loan, but I'll help with whatever I can. I'm so glad he got it started, though.


I finished binding Mom's art!!! I'm debating putting corner-type pieces on the bottom so I could put a second dowel rod there, but I might wait and see how it hangs along a wall since this was taken hanging it off my ironing board. I promise to take a better picture once it's hanging in Mom's house, with the effusive natural light. I.LOVE.IT. And even though it doesn't look like it, I managed to get it even along the edges! My piecing (and patience) continue to improve.

I love days like today, where everything seems to flow along as it should. I am truly loving my life!!!

Ok, so from here on is being added later, but it's all connected in a way... It's storming pretty badly- at least a lot of lightning and thunder-- so I had to unplug my machine and my laptop (hooray for long battery life!)... basically, I am very glad I got enough done that if the power goes out, I won't be behind. And now I'm off to squish a stink bug that got in...

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