Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm feeling uninspired-- well, inspired but trying to work with what I have. I decided today while doing laundry that I'm going to try to not buy any more quilting stuff (PAUSE-- ONE LARGE EXCEPTION BEING THE SHOP HOP!!!) until after we move, since that looks like it will be sooner rather than later if all keeps going well. I have to make an exception for the shop hop since it's my first, and I can't really change the date.

Basically, my dilemma today is this: I have a couple WIPs and UFOs that I'm contemplating working on... the blue/pink/green D9P, my snowflake quilt I've been hand-quilting, and a couple others, which includes a red and cream flimsy I made last year... the problem is, that's the one I want to work on, but I'm afraid I'll just cry... it's called "Red Cells, White Cells" and was made last August when Dad was still fighting valiantly. So... yeah. Not sure i could hold it together to quilt it yet. I think it might be better if I waited until Tim was home (or we had moved so he'd be closer) in case I get too sad.

On a MUCH lighter note, I have beef stew simmering on the stove!!! YUM! Now if I could just occupy myself for a bit so dinner time would come faster.... maybe I'll just go stare at my fabrics... sometimes that's all it takes to get the next idea. Or courage. :)

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