Monday, September 6, 2010

Can you hide ugly fabric in "Hidden Wells?"

So, today, I did a bad thing... well, sort of. I went to JoAnn's (the Other one in our area) because I wanted to get the fusible web stuff for Benny's T-shirt quilt while it was still on sale, and I still had the lovely additional 10% off.... well, after running into my mother-in-law and getting thoroughly distracted by talk of other projects, I decided to peruse the clearance at this location... 9 yards later, I had added to my clearance binge from yesterday. HOWEVER: I think I can justify this mini fabric binge. Had I paid the original price for all the fabric, it would have been over $120 for yesterday and today... I paid about $40!!! Hooray for clearance, and remnants, and remnants of clearance fabric!!!!

My challenge now is to stay busy from this stash. I am going to pledge not to revisit any fabric stores until after we hear about Tim's job... he's got the interview on Wednesday, and could possibly hear by Friday... say prayers! MANY, MANY PRAYERS!!! This job would get us out of our moldy house and out of this town and (hopefully) into a HOME that we would OWN!

I was good today, too-- I sorted my fabric in an attempt to fit it all in my two storage carts (FAIL). During this process, I came across some really ugly fabric.

WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Given that it was only about 10" wide, never cut yet, I must have gotten it as a remnant. I do remember having it in Indy (7 years ago!), but for what, I have no idea. So I reached out to the Stashbuster group for ideas for uglies... but in the process, I got one of my own. I'm still looking forward to their suggestions, though, because I have some other fabrics that I wouldn't call ugly, but rather "awkward."

The answer: Hidden Wells. I have never made this pattern, Ever. So, why not pull out a couple other *special* fabrics?

When they won't play nicely with each other, throw them in the wells!
The two batiks are what I call awkward fabrics. They simply do not want to join into any group. The one on the far right is semi-awkward now that I ran out of the fabric with which it had been previously been used. the green is the ONLY one I like, but it's a smaller piece left over from the rose quilt experiment.

To the cutting!

They look better already.

Bad lighting doesn't help the colors any.

The process was simply enough. By number four here, I had one well all lined up perfectly! Yay! But, given that I was using the Uglies, I didn't care enough to rip the others apart to fix small spots where they weren't perfect.

Better light... still not "pretty," though.
I sent Tim a picture. He called them "snazzy." He also asked what I was going to do with them... and I'm not sure. I have some of the pink/white batik left, which I could use for one border, and I also have a solid pink that might go well enough if I wanted to make this into a usable baby quilt, but it's SO AWFUL.

I might just leave it this size and add it to the collection of orphans. I have some random flying gees, a shoo-fly, and an oddly-sized grandmother's basket thus far, plus a collection of sewn strips ends. Why not make an entire Ugly Quilt?

Perhaps I will ponder that. As long as it doesn't keep me awake!

Goodnight. Time for a late snack, and then to fall upon the delight that is our Tempurpedic mattress!

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