Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A good night's sleep

I slept very well last night. In fact, the only dream I recall involved setting up my sewing room in a new house. :) It's chilly enough this morning that I'm not sneezing, too! Probably one of the reasons I slept so well.

Tomorrow is the shop hop with my MIL. I'm excited. I have been thinking about what to use my $5 store credits that each store is giving for participating. I don't really want to spend much money since we're going to need every penny right now for the whole home-buying process. But I do have a small list of things to get:
more bobbins
a couple fat-quarter treats

That last one is something I have not been able to find yet. I have tried three different thimbles, none of which fit right, so I never use them But the rough spot on my middle finger scratches my face now! So, maybe I can find a thimble. I would be willing to splurge on a thimble!

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