Thursday, September 16, 2010

Casseroles are just love baked for 25 minutes

I made tuna casserole for lunch today. YUM! It's Tim's favorite dish that came from my family. I love it, too. Since Tim's home, I didn't get any sewing done after about 11 am, but that's ok. We ran some errands, and I FINALLY remembered to get butter and freezer paper. I want to start a hand applique project so that when I have to go any where that requires waiting, I will have a project to work on. I drew a maple leaf on one piece that might end up on a placemat. But, I also love the look of Baltimore Album quilts (despite them being so traditional!). I'm sure I'll get inspired by something, soon enough... 

I hope I wake up earlier than I did today so I can get some piecing in before Tim gets up. I feel a little guilty when I spend too much time sewing when he's home since we're still in this odd arrangement of him working on man days at the base while I'm still here, but thankfully, every day the light at the end of this tunnel gets brighter and brighter!!! He should start his official assignment in the end of October, so moving will probably be around then, perhaps earlier, but more likely later. That will make my school commute easier, too. 

The Apprentice has been on in the background... we watched about half an hour before Tim went to bed, but since then I have been ignoring it for the most part because they edit it to make these people seem so contentious and rude. And speaking of rude, the postal person who dropped off a package today was rude in a totally uncalled for way. She knocked on our screen this morning, then proceeded to hold it shut with her foot and yell at me about my dog barking-- despite my recommendation that she stand back from the dog and not lean in what animals perceive as a threatening manner. The woman wouldn't listen, though, and I had to ask her twice to remove her foot so I could step outside and sign for the package- the second time saying, "How can I sign for the package if you won't let me out of my house, ma'am?" She then said, "Keep that damn thing inside," to which I simply stepped out, signed the package, and told her to have a nice day. I don't know what's going on in her life, but being rude isn't going to fix it. My dog is the sweetest dog in the world when people are being civil- she only barks like that when she thinks there's something to warn me about. After that interaction, I came inside and told Prudence what a good girl she is, warning me about such an unpleasant person!!!! After 6 years in retail, I learned that being rude gets you no where. It is much easier to snap when someone is mean to you, but sometimes, a kind response can help turn their day around. The more unpleasant people get with me, the calmer I get. I am the only one who can ruin my day. I hope that mail woman wakes up tomorrow in a better mood... but if not, I hope she's not on our route next time my Joann's add comes!!! (Some of them won't deliver it... I might have found the culprit).

May you all wake up and smile before you frown tomorrow. And if you're ever at my door, Prudence is a lover, not a fighter... unless you're a tree. She hates our maple tree.

My little tree pruner.

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