Sunday, September 5, 2010

More sewing done... and...

I have about 100 more "geese" halfway done, cut, waiting to be pressed and finished in the morning. I've been reading some other blogs and other quilty miscellany, and I realized something: I LOVE not knowing the "rules" so many people abide by when quilting. Apparently, borders have a suggested width, as does sashing, and many more... NOT TO THIS GIRL!

Ignorance is bliss! Those rules, which I'm guessing are the reason so many people complain about the "Quilt Police," are restrictive, constrictive, and silly. I make borders fit the piece- not a specified half the size of the block, or whatever. I use my eye to judge what size something should be, but sometimes even that is overruled by the need to make the quilt larger.

I pride myself on a good eye.  I also don't think borders are necessary 100% of the time. Tim's quilt probably won't have a border because I like it as it is. So deal with it, Quilt Police!

I think from now on, I will read about all these "rules" and take them with a grain of salt, or the salted rim of a margarita.

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