Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time consuming side-track

I'm still taking a break from the blue/green tediousness, but after this morning's pillows, I had to do another hidden wells project.

I love it. Mom better, too.

Mom wanted some wall art... I promised to make her something for her birthday (September 24th). This is what I came up with after going through my fabric and finding some batiks, then pondering a few days and deciding after breakfast this morning that I would make her some hidden wells, too.

I am going to put two borders on this-- one cream like matting and then the exterior on dark brown like a frame. but then the dilemma is how to hang it... put a sleeve on? Maybe, if I can figure out how to make the sleeve work with the existing nails in her wall. Hmm...

Tomorrow, I need to get back to "craft" projects for the Pay It Forward Festival. It's the day after Mum's birthday!!! The goal: to make 4 more pie wraps.

But now: WIPEOUT!

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