Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tim got the job! And a finish for me

Look what I did last night! Before I even knew how amazing today would be...

Tim was on his way home this morning when he got the news: He got the job at his base! YAY!!!!! So, soon we will be looking for a place to live, then moving. OH HAPPY DAY!

I was in an awesome mood before this great news, though, because last night I machine quilted my table runner (finally!) using my free motion foot and an all-over stipple. This is the first thing I have ever free-motion quilted, so I am very pleased with it (despite uneven stitches in parts, but hey, it's for me, not for sale). I had told a friend yesterday my goal was to get it done before we moved, and then last night I just decided to go for it. And then today I found out we will be moving soon!!!

I am so blessed to have a husband like Tim. He's amazing. After everything we went through last year, it is so delightful to have things be going this well this year.

*Happy dance!*
Love it!
I am very proud of my husband. He's also proud of me for the table runner. Can you believe I used these to roll it up and quilt it?

Yep. 2 Paper towel rolls made for a makeshift "frame" so I could maneuver the runner. It worked!

Back of the runner.

It's been an amazing day so far, and it's barely halfway over. :)


  1. HUGE congrats on your first free-motion finish! It looks great and with a bit more practice you'll start seeing the meander pattern in your sleep, I do :)

  2. I already see quilts in my sleep! I was dreaming about some Ohio Star blocks recently, which is funny because I have never made them, I just like them... I wonder if this was another premonition? I hope so-- I had an AMAZING sewing room and design wall in the dream!

  3. New home, new sewing room? I say yeah!!!! I'm just learning to FMQ. It is so much fun. Yours looks great! Love your high tech rolling tools!


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