Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mommy's little rotary cutter, that's me!

Ok, so I didn't reach my goals, but it's not my fault-- Mom wanted me to come show her how to cut out her fabric for her bed runner quilt, but it turned into me cutting EVERYTHING. It was simple-- just turning 6 yards of fabric into 6" squares so she can make her own D9P-- but that meant I spent the whole Bears game there cutting fabric while she took a nap or lackadaisically watched from her recliner. :/ Love my momma, but it took up my whole day! So, my D9P has not progressed... I still think I can get it done by Saturday, though. Assuming no other day-eaters come along. I am glad I was able to help her, though. When i was getting ready to leave, I told her about pressing directions for the seams, how to chain piece, and a few other tips and tricks, to which she cocked her head and asked, "Where did you learn all of this? Not from me!" I laughed, and told her, "The internet, I guess." It's true-- anything I didn't learn by trial and error came partly from magazines, but mostly from the internet.... and that was before I joined any quilty groups!

Since I got home, I have machine stitched the binding onto the two place mats that I quilted yesterday, so now I can hand-stitch them down tomorrow while I get the oil changed on my car I've noticed that if I bring enough stuff to do for the "hour, hour and a half" long wait they often tell me, then my car is actually done in 20 minutes.

That exploding noise I heard yesterday while quilting? It WAS explosions! I'm not excited by the fact the a local factory burned up, just happy to have solved that mystery.

Now, to peruse the internet for some applique patterns... I want to try my hand at needle-turn applique! It would be a portable project, something I'm wanting more and more (even something that can be taken to bed at night to work on while I wind down, but can be set on the night stand so I don't have to get out of bed when I'm sufficiently drowsy!).

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