Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For my next endeavor...

I still want to try some applique, but I can't find any free patterns that strike my fancy, so I will probably wait until the shop hop to buy a book of Baltimore Album blocks (What on Earth created this obsession with BAB? I don't know!!! I just know I've wanted to do one since I was about 12!). That is, assuming I don't take a trip to Borders and find one there...

Today's agenda includes hand-stitching the binding to the back of Mom's wall art, and then I don't know. It's supposed to be HOT today, which I'm not too excited about given how much I enjoyed my hoodie and jeans outfit yesterday! And, that means any handwork must be done before the heat of the day and after, since our house won't stay cool enough.

I do know that tonight I will get pictures of the placemats, and anything else I finish today.

Time to go find some shorts... silly little Indian summer!

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  1. Hey Kasey, YOU ARE A WINNER to celebrate my birthday with me today. Email me your snailmail address. Posting a picture of your prize later today on my blog. Blessings, Cheri


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