Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poker? Really?

Why do they put poker on tv? As if golf isn't slow enough... every channel but 1 right now over-the-air has either golf or poker or infomercials... This is what I call the Sunday nap time lineup. So, I guess I'll be watching the Broncos/Colts game, even though I don't root for either team. I probably should take a nap-- still struggling a bit from yesterday-- but my brain is not at all as tired as my body!!!

I'm going to try a method that occasionally works-- sometimes, if I just gather the fabric I want to use for my next project, I can rest for a while. I've got a couple projects I want to work on, so maybe if I gather the fabrics into their respective groups, I can take advantage of the lullaby that is golf narration and take a nap... or maybe I'll get a burst of energy and start sewing. Doubtful, but not impossible.

I feel like I got hit by a truck. Where's my blanket.... perhaps I'll just dream about my EPL quilt, Thanksgiving table runner, and Holiday sampler....

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