Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adventures with hand applique, and....

After searching for weeks for an applique project that was easy enough to teach myself, AND something I would want to keep one it's finished, I was at a loss... so, as usual, I came up with my own design: a small, fall wallhanging of falling leaves. Another benefit to the project is that it was designed around fabrics I already have.
That wasn't so difficult!

I like it! And I love my iPhone since I can easily take reference pictures like this! 

Two leaves done and another pinned in place, ready to go for tonight's TV watching.
I got 2 leaves sewn on last night before my finger complained too much-- I really need a thimble. One that fits, that is. I have 3 that won't stay on or are simply uncomfortable. I really hope I can find one tomorrow during the local shop hop!!!

In case anyone noticed, I've been entering Go! giveaways like crazy... with the possibility of my own sewing room growing, I figure it won't hurt to enter a couple giveaways... just in case. ;)

The house hunt update: We made an offer, and it was ACCEPTED AS IS! The glitch? When Tim went to get the paperwork for the VA loan, he discovered there is an error somewhere-- whoever files the paperwork recording who is a veteran hasn't gotten it done! That's the best I understand it, anyway. Tim called around and went to I don't know how many different offices on base, and it seems like whatever number/letter combination piece of paperwork that is missing will be fixed by Friday.... So, keep praying that come Friday we can sign the necessary papers and become homeowners!!!

Our realtor has been great keeping us updated, and she didn't seem too concerned about this latest glitch (does it happen often?). I guess there is an acceptable window in which we can get this sorted out.
We're hopeful that we will be in this house then by November 5th!!! EEEEE!!!

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