Saturday, October 30, 2010

Progress is progress, right?

Ok, so I'm up to a total of 11 string blocks done... but I only got ONE more box packed. :) I don't have any newspaper-- forgot to grab that while at Mom's earlier-- so I'm unable to pack anything breakable right now...
But look how pretty the blocks are! Here are six of them...

I love how they are slightly wonky. They will finish at 9" and right now I have the 11 done, with 6 more nearly done. That's 17 (I started the last one as a leader/ender). So, the decision will be if I should make 3 more for a total of 20, or more? or leave it at 16 and have one to throw in the "parts department?" We'll see... depends on how much more procrastinating I do!

Oh, boxes, why can't you pack yourselves?

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