Thursday, October 28, 2010

28! Oh My!

I'm blushing! 28 followers when I checked right before writing this!! Many thanks! Big quilty hugs! And now, today's news and entertainment...
In the Stashbusters group, there's a No Buy challenge... if they ever did that with men and electronics, the above photo is proof that my husband would FAIL.

Ok, so I can't blame him entirely... we had agreed that when we move, we would get another tv so that the battle for tv control would end. But, today he decided to come along while I went to the LQS to pick my machine up from servicing and get my wedding ring re-plated with rhodium again. One small detour into Target to get How to Train Your Dragon, and suddenly we had a new TV!!! I'm not complaining-- Here I sit in our bedroom, watching/listening to Jeopardy while he's happily shooting away on the PS3 playing Time Crisis and voila, no argument over what to watch tonight!

To be fair, it was a really good deal on the TV, too... and even though a 40" seems excessive, it was cheaper than the 32" ones! And the sound is awesome, as is the picture.... :D

As we were driving home, Tim asked a question and got more laughter than he anticipated: "Can we use your quilts to wrap the other tv when we move?" HAHAHA!!! What he doesn't realize is that I will acquiesce to that request, but only certain quilts!!!

What would have been a 2 hour trip had a gone alone this morning ended up being 4 hours, so I didn't get anything done at home before I had to leave for Mom's to make lasagna for her. She says mine tastes better, but I think it only tastes better to her because she doesn't have to make it.

I don't think I'm going to get any time in front of any of my machines tonight, but that's ok. If all goes to plan, in about 3 weeks we'll be in the new house. Even if Tim gets his dog, I should be able to sew more often/steadily (he wants a Presa Canario, which is basically a monster dog but allegedly loving as all get out... so Prudence if she weighed three times as much!). And if it's true that I can get school paid for again next spring, I've been told I can continue to be a homemaker/student and not get a job... it's not that I don't want to work, but rather that I don't want another filer job that will do more harm than good like my last job. In other words, (dreaming here, perhaps) I WANT TO MAKE MONEY SEWING!  I wouldn't mind if writing were still a part of it, too.... The poet quilter....

There, I've said it. Laugh at my foolish dream, but if it's feasible, I will make a career that in some way/shape/form involves fabric and sewing. You just wait!

And with that, it's time to veg.

The giveaway will be on since the goal has been surpassed! Stay tuned... November is approaching!

Before I go, I feel I need to make a list of what I'm working on... call it a preview of things to come, or a way to hold me accountable:
WIPs- T-shirt quilt for benny and Cat quilt for Val, and Jen's coffee sleeves
Runner for grandparents (might be able to justify a trip to Lolly's!)
Finish hand quilting snowflakes! it's been almost a year!

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