Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good Morning!

The combination of this Indian summer heat wave and my crazy metabolism have me up already!!!! I don't know anyone else who frequently wakes up in the middle of the night because they are hungry. Anyone above the age of 4 months, that is-- I hear babies often have to feed during the night. And it's not just a mild hunger, it's the kind where I'm in a full-fledged hot flash from low blood sugar. There's no ignoring that!

So here I sit, having already had breakfast, drinking cup #1 of coffee. I half-jokingly told my Hubs that I need one of those tiny soda can fridges to put by my side of the bed, only I would stock it with string cheese and applesauce.

There is one upside: I can work on a sewing project now!!! Had I woken up at a more pleasant time, say, 8, I wouldn't have had SIX hours to kill before I need to leave for the hospice walk. So, there is that small upside.

Now, the question becomes, on what to work? The cat quilt? Or a new project? I really need to finish more, but it's early, and I want to play... :)

Discipline can come later in the day! Perhaps I will limit it to play during the coffee hours, then FINISHING after the walk. I think i can live with that.

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