Sunday, October 17, 2010


I just opened up, cleaned and oiled my new-to-me machine all by myself! Oh how I love the things that were made before "planned obsolescence." I then did a test sew, and other than a little noise from the belt, IT IS AWESOME! The belt needs replacing... no big deal, though, since I've found them cheap online! I also plan to go to a local sewing repair store downtown to look for one, and see if while I'm there, they might be able to find the one that the treadle machine will need. Yes, I plan on getting the treadle into working order. Why not? I want to be able to sew on it... what if there's a power outage? :)

I am ridiculously happy right now. The feeling of having fixed my machine by myself is awesome. Maybe I should look around Peru/Kokomo for sewing machine repair shops that are hiring... haha. I think it's my dad's genes expressing themselves. That's all I can think of to explain this high I'm on right now.

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