Saturday, October 9, 2010

Like scraps of Christmas...

I just went through a bag of scraps that Sally sent home with me last Tuesday... It was a mixture of a Mary Poppins bag, and scraps of Christmas! I couldn't believe how beautiful some of these little pieces are!!! I have to make something out of them... but what? There's a wide variety of sizes of craps, from strings to small triangles to chunks as big as a fat quarter.... ooo, the possibilities!

So, here's what else I've done today:

 The cat quilt center is DONE....
And here are the first 3 letters!!! It will eventually read "Crazy Cat Lady"... it's a family joke with my MIL.

I didn't get any entire projects done tonight, but I think finishing the cat quilt center counts as good progress. Besides, I also spent 1.5 hours helping Mom piece, the middle of the day running errands with her and my aunt, and then dinner with the grandparents... I think my level of productivity is acceptable.

Tomorrow is the hospice walk, so I know I'll be pretty busy at least until late afternoon.

Look who is also enjoying a fabric scrap???

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