Monday, October 18, 2010

Tonight's lesson

NEVER trust that a needle has a fresh tip just because you are taking it straight from the package.

That FMQ I did earlier on Clinton, the fashion mate, looked a little off when I flipped it over... I noticed the needle had pushed the threads of the fabric all the way through! Despite wanting to stay home and figure it out, I went to class. Whenever I ran out of things to say during our poetry workshop, my mind wandered back to Clinton.... what's his deal?

I got home, tried sewing a few more scraps, same problem. So I changed the needle-- it wouldn't catch the bobbin thread! But that just turned out to be sill me putting it in backwards. Once that was fixed, all problems were solved. Which got me to thinking... I picked up the needle I had been using (which, mind you, I took straight from the package and put in last night when I got home from Wally World) and looked at it-- NO POINT! It looked like the tip had snapped off!!!

To reiterate: Check your tips. I don't want to blame Wally World or Singer, since they were official Singer needles (I put a Schmetz in)... but someone in quality control should be reprimanded. Just a bit.

Happy sewing!

Tomorrow brings a new project...

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