Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Smiles all around!

Anybody having twins? :)
I finished both of the D9P baby quilts!!! I am very pleased-- they are quilted in a super simple wave, not too close (I love the fact that my batting allows for less quilting like this). Now, I just need to sell them... time to investigate local venues, I guess.

I only stabbed my non-thimbled finger 6 times... I guess I need to start using 2 thimbles.

And, on another happy note, Tim got the 944 running! Perfect timing, too, since the truck has been falling apart more and more with every mile it travels, lately having lost the entire exhaust.

And, I made butternut squash soup tonight, and it tasted pretty good!

Let's hear it for good days. The only thing that made it EVEN better yet is that every time the news comes on, there is more good news from Chile!!! It's so wonderful for such a potential tragedy to become such a miracle!!!!

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