Sunday, October 10, 2010

NOT a lazy Sunday

I walked three laps of Newton park for the Hospice walk, which I was told is three miles. I would have walked more, but it got HOT!!! So, Mom made the executive decision that we were done.

I loved what I saw on tv when I got home-- the Bears were ahead!!! YAY! And they won decisively!

And, I have continued my productivity [despite trying to take a nap, and having it ruined by the stupid neighbors and their loud crotchrockets.... why do some people think those bikes look cool? Harleys and regular motorcycles are dangerous enough, but the super fast ones (often with helmetLESS riders) just make me think ORGAN DONOR].

I cut this before the walk:

 I knew that it would be enough for two baby quilts, one more boyish and the other girly. But, after sewing together and cutting and re-sewing 2 blocks, I found out I am only going to need 4 nine-patches, not 6...
I love the ease of a D9P! And how it shows off fun prints without overpowering them!
So, it looks like I'll be able to make a third baby quilt using the leftovers!!! YAY!!! The hope is to get these finished in a timely fashion (which means still not finishing any UFOs per se, but it will be three finishes), and then taking them to a little boutique in the area that sells all sorts of cute gifts, some handmade from local people and sold on commission. I want to find out what % they take, and compare that to what I've heard another local shop takes, and then see if I can FINALLY make a sale!!!

While I love all the compliments I've been getting from people in the family, friends, and even on my blog, I will do the biggest Happy Dance once I finally Sell a quilt!
It will be slightly larger even than the happy dance I will do once I see Dustin and Cathi's baby, Cortlyn, wrapped in the quilt I made for her... :)

Dinner tonight: ratatouille, that was made a couple weeks ago but frozen for just such an "I don't want to cook" evening... the only thing "lazy" about this Sunday!

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