Friday, October 29, 2010

Trying for mindless

Caution: Debbie Downer post. You've been warned...

Some days, I want mindless sewing. You would have thought that would have been yesterday-- it was, after all, the one year anniversary of my dad's passing. But yesterday was ok (minus exploding TVs), and I made lasagna. Nothing bad can overcome lasagna!

Today, though, I NEED to be mindless. I was on the way home from the grocery- a trip that is less than 1.5 miles-- when I heard that horrible screech of tires that only ends with impact. When I located the sound, I saw one of the worst sights in my life-- a man had been hit one a bicycle and was lying in front of a red truck, motionless. I haven't been able to get the sound of the tires or the image of the guy lying there out of my head.

I've been trying to mindlessly sew. I made these... none are trimmed yet, most aren't ready to be trimmed, but they kept me busy for a couple hours. They look really pretty when I lay them all out... so colorful. But I still can't shake this awful feeling.

 It will pass. It always does. I'm too sensitive to these things... I heard a dog crying during the summer when Tim and I walked to get Chinese food one night, and then was unable to finish my dinner. Frankly, the latest terrorist news about those bombs doesn't bother me as much as that guy... I just want to know if he lived.

I need some chocolate... good thing I always keep a stash hidden under the counter.

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