Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everyone warned me about glitches...

(Skip the first paragraph if you are allergic to life)

There's been another glitch with the potential house: The bank appraiser is NOT happy with the price, so our realtor is trying to work out something... I'm not entirely sure what's going on since Tim deals with all this stuff, i just know as it stands right now, the bank won't ok anything. SAD PANDA!!!! The upside (I had to find one before I would let Tim hang up) is that the only way we'll get the house now is if the seller lowers the price to something acceptable to the bank, which would mean we would pay less. I'm not holding my breath (but I am praying really hard). I hate being disappointed like this... let's hope that it turns into a better situation... I don't want to end up in another rental or an apartment, but at this point, we don't have time to house hunt-- Tim starts work MONDAY. :/  Worst case scenario, we'd at least be back under the same roof. You know, like a real married couple, not this odd 2 night/week thing that's been going on.

And now back to quilty things... a much happier topic!!!

 The borders are on! Now, I have to figure out how to quilt it... I'm stumped right now. I''m sure an idea will come to me... or the feed dog cover I ordered will come and then I'll play with FMQ some more and THEN get an idea!

Another happy tidbit: We're picking up the treadle tomorrow!!! I've already named it (you know what they say about naming a puppy... I think it applies to sewing machines, too). I'll tell you tomorrow evening.

And, I promised this earlier...
Item #1 in the giveaway.... a fat quarter from one of the local quilt shops!
Like it? FOLLOW for a chance... I'm going to reveal more as it approaches, so stay tuned.
26 Followers is the goal... let's see if we can  reach that goal!


  1. Praying about the house for you, too. Love the roses!

  2. Love that quilt. Your blog is so nice and thanks for joining mine.

  3. This one is lovely too!!! I hope you reach your goal "I'm sure you will"


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