Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh, Saturdays.... College football, golf naps, and today, a biplane nap... I think there was an air show somewhere near (or maybe practice for one, since Google couldn't find any) because three days in a row I have been lulled by the drone of some awesome WWII planes, and today it resulted in a nap! Good thing I'm not in WWII England, or I never would have survived!

After running around with my mom and aunt, and then the biplane nap, I got busy... I've made 20 of my scrappy trees!

Making Christmas, making Christmas is so fun!
Prudence was supervising, of course... such a good little helper! I want a design wall whenever I get my sewing room. It would be really helpful Now.... I can't decide if I want the trees with or without sashing.... and then the problem would be what color of sashing? Hmm, maybe I should look up how to make a portable design wall so I can make it now and take it with me!

Regardless, I have 22 trees left to make, then maybe I will figure out to sash, or not to sash. Without sashing, they will finish at 6" x 7.5" As it stands right now, they will be laid out 7 wide and 6 down. I have several other projects in the works, so if I get stuck, I'll just shift to something else!!

Here's the sewing caddy I made last night... I wish I had better lighting in our living room. But what matters is that the near side holds all my thread and my celly, while the far side hold my needle case, scissors, and a pencil (for now). Love it! I used one of my shop hop fat quarters for the pockets, and the same green that is in my leaf applique.

I need to get the backing pieced for Tim's Xmas present... I want to have Sally quilt it, but I won't have money to pay here until after we move.... see the problem? So, I think if I go see her on Monday, I'll take it again and just ask her advice for attempting to quilt it on my own... I think if I can get a table that my sewing machine can be set in, then I could manage... so, it comes down to: will I get a suitable table in time? Or will I be better off just committing now to siphoning off from weekly money to try to pay for it to be quilted sooner rather than later? Hmm....

Tonight's agenda during the ND game: gather fabrics for MIL's Christmas present, get at least 2 more T-shirts ready for Benny's present, maybe get Tim's backing pieced? And then finish with a couple more "happy little trees." :)

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