Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy, busy, but not much "done"

Tim officially starts his job today-- which means, he left for work a couple hours ago to do the same thing he's been doing since mid-July but now he's on official orders for a four-year contract. Hopefully we will get word about the house one way or the other soon... and then I'll get to move and we'll actually be living together again!!! This whole 2 night a week thing is getting old!

While he was home over the weekend, we had a "date night" Saturday. We saw the movie Red, then went to Texas Roadhouse. Then Sunday I made him endure that pitiful Bears game. I highly recommend Red to anyone who wants a fun movie, though... but I love humorous action movies.

I just got back from a run-- second one this month. I'm being good and waiting 2 weeks in between in an attempt to not aggravate the bone bruise, but at the same time I need to run a little so that I can actually participate in the Turkey Stampede on Thanksgiving with all the family. I took Prudence with me... she sat in the car while I ran my mile (8:57! not bad) and then I walked her another half mile so she got her exercise, too... and now she's conked out on the floor.

I finally got 2 more of these done! From that Quiltmaker issue I had such difficulty finding. I had made one shortly after I brought it home, and then yesterday while Tim played the latest Fallout game, I made 2 more while dinner was in the oven. We also got a couple more boxes packed, since moving is inevitable. I really hope we hear about the house today, and hopefully that we will actually get it!!!!

Snack time. I earned it. And then maybe also a nap before class.

I'll leave you with fat quarter #2 for the planned giveaway... Still hoping to get a better number of followers (original goal was 26).

See a theme yet?


  1. Love those blues and greens together and the design too.

  2. This fabric is so lovely, is it too late to enter for a chance to own it?


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