Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy days-mostly

We spent the morning wandering Menards, looking at fences, paint, knobs, and such... quite the happy married life morning.

Later, i managed to get some more sewing done on the cats, and I've been playing with some scraps Sally gave me the other day... I started a half-crazed project-- a rag rug, made from sewing small strips to a solid piece of fabric with just a short seam in the middle of the strips. Sally has a rug like this that feels really nice and she uses it in front of her stove, so I figured I would try with some of the wonky strips that would otherwise be thrown out... this includes selvedges, too. It's a great experiment. I'll try it out, see what happens when I wash it, and then decide.

Photos to come tomorrow...

The only glitch (and I say glitch because it turned out to be minor) in the day was that I got a call just after starting dinner form my mom-- she was rear-ended by some woman who was distracted by her radio... the lady said it was her second time in two months doing this!!! Some people never learn-- eyes on the road! But, Mom seems ok-- shaken up, angry, a little sore-- but ok. her car bumper had to be tied up to avoid scratching other parts of the car-- thank goodness Tim was here!
Mom and I are going to pick out pumpkins tomorrow. I have a feeling she'll be sore and still not back to Normal, so I decided we'd get some pumpkins... it's something that my family has loved as long as I can remember.

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