Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cold? or cold?

The plumber just left-- the problem ended being not as bad as it could have been... but it turns out there was NO fitting connecting the drain pipe to the next pipe; it was just kind of sitting on top. My MIL didn't even realize this house is that bad. Oh well, crisis averted, and the plumber will be back tomorrow to finish.

Since I had to air out the house all day, it's been a bit nippy in here, but not unbearable. However, the cold seems to have aggravated whatever I have been fighting since yesterday evening. I can't tell if I'm sick, or if it's just sinuses, or what.

On a happy note, though, I got TONS done on the blue/green quilt I am making from the jelly roll. I hadn't worked on it for a couple weeks, and it seemed like a good project to pass the day. My hands look terrible from whatever is on the unwashed fabric, but I've reached the home stretch. The middle only has a few more rows before it is ready for borders.

Not an entirely bad day. :)

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