Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quilt finished? CHECK! News on the house? CHECK!

Fly Away Home
 I said I was going to finish this... AND I DID!!!

I had it all nice and smooth on the floor at my Mom's to take this picture, but Prudence and Fergie were running back and forth-- Prudence knows to stay off my quilts, but Ferguson thinks they're for her. So  this is immediately after shooing her off.

I ended up piecing the back from My Stash. I love the way it came out! And the best part? By putting the blue stars and the light blue batik in the back of my personal quilt, I GET TO KEEP THEM! The other two pieces finished those colors, too, so this quilt feels like a major accomplishment. It was also finished using my Fashion Mate 237, so that old machine got its first real workout, and passed with flying colors.

I decided on the name for it when I was about 2/3 done with the quilting.... Tim called, and told me that he had just spoken to our realtor and everything is back on track for us to get the house!!! Because of the slight side track last week, we won't close now until November, but I'm ok with that-- we're getting the house! So a BIG THANK YOU and HUGS GALORE to all of you who were sending positive thoughts and prayers our way!!!

That's why it's called "Fly Away Home." Flying geese + our first Home.

The other thing about this quilt that I'm so proud of is that I machine stitched the binding!!! I always put it on halfway by machine, but usually hand stitch it down the rest of the way... I've been a little intimidated to do it completely on my machine. But, since Clinton the Fashion Mate has a walking foot that works like a dream, I figured, Why Not? And it came out pretty darn good, I must say! And dang, it's a LOT faster! I think with practice and patience I could make it look really nice.

Because I'm in such an amazing mood right now, I'll reveal the third fat quarter for my planned giveaway...

Do you want a chance to win this? Then start following so you don't miss it! My birthday is coming up fast!

Piece out!


  1. Oh, like that FQ too. Love flowers! I'm going to spread your blog link to all my groups. So glad Clinton is proving himself so well. And it sounds like HOME for the holidays! Hugs!

  2. Hi, I see that you have the Lib Quilters logo on your sidebar-I hope that means you are a member? Cheri posted a link to your blog this morning in our group. I hope you'll join in our posts and discussions. Do you have some liberated blocks or a quilt to post in our Photos? We'd love to hear from you.
    Kathleen in CT

  3. This is a wonderful quilt - congratulations on a great finish. It is different (unique) and lively, and exciting but not too busy. Great color scheme too.

  4. Love the Fly Away quilt. Did you design?
    Nancy in IN

  5. Your quilt is amazing..and the name??need I say more??? You have a new follower and I can't wait to see more of your inspirations and creations.
    Congrads on your new home!!! Do you need any new house warming items??? Thanks pennykitz@charter.net

  6. YEAH!!!!!! you made it to 26 followers!!! that would be me!!!! i think it deserves a special prize don't you??!! LOL!!!

    this is a fun, fun little blog. i remember a year ago going thru the same thing with buying our house. we FINALLY got our keys the afternoon before thanksgiving. we all had a toast and a dedication prayer and then brought over the t.v., the smoker (for the turkey) and a couch (for the turkey smoker people to sit on) and wii (for the the turkey smokers to have something to do while smoking the turkey) then on thanksgiving day we moved our table and chairs and had a great day in our new house--that was only 1/4 mile away from our old house

    sorry, i am a bit ADD too, and tend to take lots of rabbit trails....anyway, i love your roses roses roses theme of give-away, and think it would be grand to add them to my stash.....look forward to reading and following your blog ;o)


  7. Congrats on your new home!! I love the Fly Away Home quilt - the colors are beautiful!!

  8. I am now following your blog. Love your quilt. I have been machine sewing my bindings this year and they do get better with each one I do. I use a stitch in the ditch foot for the final sewing.


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