Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, funday...

I finally got some good sleep again, despite being up for about half an hour petting Prudence-- did you know dogs can have nightmares? I woke up while she was crying in her sleep from one. My poor puppy woke up when I turned the light on, but continued to cry a little, so I got out of bed and soothed my little girl until she seemed settled down again. It breaks my heart to see her look scared like that from a nightmare. But then we both got back to sleep, and all is well.

Today has an agenda (I hate that). The fun part will be lunch with Jen, and a quick stop to find backing fabric to FINISH some projects this week. I would love to work on finishing tonight, but that's where the agenda is no longer fun... class tonight... :( I wish I were enjoying this class as much as I loved some others. 

For your reading amusement, though, here is the poem of mine that will be workshopped until I want to sew my ears shut to block out the inane comments of some of my classmates (I guarantee they won't get that the ONLY thing this poem is about is quilting and preferring fabric to mean people! I'll try not to laugh this time if they call it a murder or something along those lines again...)

Little Miss Anthrophy

I can run through cotton
full-tilt, whizzing then
winning when
it puts up a fight.
I can push it
and pull it and
squish, stretch, shove it
until it behaves, and then
throw it in a box until
tomorrow if I’m tired, even
leave it under the bed for
weeks, a month, a year.
I can sit in silence stitching,
or listen to the tv, or
kneel on the floor of our
little kitchen running
a rotary blade through layer
after layer, the quilter’s
classic stripping.
I can turn fibers
into art, or into
warm throws to crawl under
or a runner and placemats
for the table we don’t yet have.
I can piece and find peace, my
active meditation, my
happy place, my heaven.
And then, when I am again
around my fellows,
young Americans
wondering why I’m here,
I remember:
there’s a reason I was named
Most Likely to Live In
An Underground Lair.

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