Sunday, October 3, 2010

Success! For me, anyway....

That's 42 finished tree blocks for my scrappy Christmas quilt... I do want to put sashing on (I finally decided), and I think I might have decided on a color-- if I can find the right color of blue plaid, I think that will look cool. Perhaps... I wish I could "borrow" it from a store if I find some and lay all the blocks on it before committing to buying it, since it is going to take a sizable piece.

Oh well. If it doesn't work when i get it home, I'm sure it will get used eventually.

Here are the stars for the Block Lotto:

I got the first two done, and some of the lights didn't look so light anymore...
So, I made another block using just the "darkest light"... and now it looks light again!

Isn't it fascinating how color values change like that? I hope the three mixed blocks are ok, though, given this conundrum.

The Bears are frustrating me tonight.... 8 sacks so far!!! Really? MAJIDE???  Come on, Bears!!! Get it together!!!

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