Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh, the joy!

 Let there be light! thanks to a sewing maintenance kit I got at Wally World, I replaced the bulb. The kit also had the proper-sized screw drivers, oil, a lint brush, and a vinyl machine cover, and a couple other odds and ends. All for just $10. Running total for the machine: $35
Today's 10 minutes of play. This became a pocket to hold the feet for my Fashion Mate, officially named Clinton.
So, today, I got a walking foot for it, and a free-motion/darning foot, plus a new belt (The old one was cracked, and I figured if I replace it now, it won't crack in the middle of a project!). That was another $35. This brings the total machine cost so far to $70... which is STILL cheaper than any decent table I was able to find for my Viking! And, perhaps the best benefit of all, when I take my Viking in to be serviced, I won't be machine-less for 2 weeks now!!!!

I also spent $10 today on the replacement belt for the treadle. I figured I might as well get it today while I was at the sewing store to cut down on gas/future temptation by their pretty threads.

I have found that I LOVE tinkering. I think it must be my dad's genes expressing themselves. I got a "tinker's high," which I'm calling that because the happiness I felt last night after the first session of cleaning/fixing was akin to what I feel after a long run.

I wish I could stay home tonight and play, but alas, it's Monday, which means class.

Until later....

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