Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One box at a time

Moving is going to happen, so I have been trying to at least sort things, purge a few things, etc. Here, I put all of my quilting book and magazines not currently in use into one of my cube-bins, you know, the kind that fit on the Closetmaid storage units... and the great thing is, only one book wouldn't fit, but it happens to be large enough that I can set it on top and then the bin becomes a nice spot to put my laptop when not in use.

If it gets cold enough, I'll put my summer clothes into a zippered under bed storage unit... it seems like every time I do that, though, I bring another late heat wave.

But this is what I managed to work on before the Hubs got home today... it's for his mom. She's almost a crazy cat lady (or so we tease), so she's getting a cat quilt.


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