Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yeah, I got distracted... nothing new there

I love pincushions. I kind of collect patterns for them, and have slowly been making some.... but tonight, the Sugar Cube was calling!!! It's from Moda Bakeshop via Spun Sugar Quilts (the same I mentioned is having a giveaway).

I saw this pattern the first time I came across Spun Sugar, but then FORGOT TO BOOKMARK THE PAGE!!! So, when chance led me back there, I bookmarked. And then all planned productivity ended. I decided I would do another load of laundry that I had been putting off, but I would also reward myself by making this:

It's called a sugar cube pin cushion, and it's supposed to have buttons, and be hand-sewn, but in my ever-present impatience i machine stitched all but one side, skipped the paper step, and skipped buttons temporarily. I stitched it in a way that I can add them later, though.
But guess what? I STILL LOVE IT!!!!!

Now I have another use for scrap 2.5" squares! Oh, darn. :)

I've been great at procrastinating tonight... but hopefully, once I get home from Grissom tomorrow I'll be able to get some good sewing done. Prudence will have been playing with Fergie all day, and the Bears will be on, which means I will have no excuse not to get stuff done!

I got 4 more T-shirts cut, but not interfaced... is that a word? It is now. I also cut three "cat heads" out from the last piece of green leafish print. I love using up a fabric! Well, most of the time.... every once in awhile I'll have a print that I love love love and have to keep at least a smidgeon... :)

I do believe I should head to bed so I'll have enough energy tomorrow.



  1. Great pincushion. If you have a flickr acct. please post it to my group!

  2. Love the pincushion. I wanna try the flower one made on the golf tee just for fun.


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