Thursday, October 21, 2010

Better start

My favorite current actor is on Regis & Kelly-- Jim Parsons! Aka Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory.  It's making for a good start to my day, especially combined with waking up feeling 80% better than I did yesterday. I think the remaining 20% is just allergies, though.

Just an FYI, Tim calls me Sheldon every once in a while. Mostly because of the whole "You're in my spot" thing. He would laugh at the unease he could create by sitting in my spot BEFORE I introduced him to the show... and now he really gets a good kick out of it. He'll sit in my chair and cover our other chair with "stuff" and then watch me stand in the middle of the room, trying to figure out where  to sit before he starts to chuckle and finally moves for me. Or he'll roll onto my side of the bed while I brush my teeth at night and burrow in like a tick, refusing to move until I threaten pillow violence... I love him so much. :D

If I ever meet any of you delightful readers outside of Bloggy Land, I'm really not too neurotic... just don't sit in my spot. :)

I have to go take my Viking in to be cleaned/serviced/etc... Erica's is nice enough to give the first one free, so I might as well take advantage of it before we move! Which means, whenI get home, the real test comes for Clinton... how well does my Fashion Mate piece?


(Come on, ladies and gents, a few more followers! Ok, more than a few if we're going to get to 26... but come on! I'm going to get things for the giveaway today! Maybe if I post a picture later you'll be more enticed...)

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