Friday, October 1, 2010

I wasn't lying!

Earlier today I said I had a plan for EVERYTHING I bought yesterday... look! I've already started!

First two blocks of a scrappy tree quilt.
These two are the first trees for a Christmas quilt. I saw trees of every kind yesterday on the shop hop, so when I came upon a set of 15 fat eights in a not-too-Christmasy-but-still-festive color scheme, I knew what I wanted to do with them! Looking at the color values, i also knew I would be able to supplement from my stash. These first two trees are opposites, but the rest I intend to mix up more so there will not be any other "pairs."

Since I was sewing, I decided to make something I've needed but never remembered until I needed it:
Scrap batting and scrap strips, along with extra ribbon from favors from our wedding last year.

Remember my Ugly Pillow? This was made using one of the extra strip pieces... I had two segments that were 6.5" by 4", too squared up to throw away, but containing the Ugly fabrics so they weren't really begging to be adopted by any other projects... So, when I got the idea tonight to finally make my needle case, I saw them and thought it would be perfect-- that way, if I messed up really badly it wouldn't matter! But it turned out well, so now I'm working on a sewing caddy using another fat quarter from the shop hop and some fabric from my stash.

Yay! Small projects like that needle case are so satisfying... there's the satisfaction of finishing something, and of that something being immediately useful.

I guess the only downside of what I've been working on tonight is that the trees make another WIP... but, I think at least as a flimsy they will go quickly, and since Christmas is approaching, I will be motivated to work on them. Perhaps I will make them the reward blocks to work on while I make my brother's T-shirt quilt...

Back to sewing!

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