Friday, October 8, 2010

It's an ice cream night

Even though I'm still not employed by the "real world" (have they ever been a Homemaker? I'll bet not! It's a full-time job of it's own!), I still like Fridays... which is why I am celebrating this one. I just had one snack of bread and brie, and when I'm done with this I will finish my snack break with some ice cream.

 Mom and I went to a pumpkin patch today!!! I got to tromp through and find 3 pumpkins for Tim and I-- two will be carved, but the other one will be getting a pair of pants... See why?
Prudence had to sniff the pumpkins when I got home, starting with the Plumber Pumpkin... :)

I've been working on piecing two houses from a Snap Sack kit I got during the Shop Hop... I've decided that I am NOT going to complete the kit as described in the instructions, but rather use the kit to make MORE houses than just two, and then turn it into a bigger project... you know, something more usable than a 16" by 22" rectangle.

Speaking of usable, I ran out of strips for the rug... I'm only using the otherwise unusable pieces. But look:

 It's kind of fun!
So far, I have stitched 3 rows-- just straight lines across, stacking the strips 3-4 at a time to create a plush feel. It's definitely colorful. As you can see, I did put selvedges in. It seemed like a good use for them.
I found out that filling a sandwich bag with strips will yield at least a row, so from now on, I am putting my small strips in a designated baggy so that I can work on this project over time.

I need to work on FINISHING more projects... it seems all I've done lately is start them. I had been finishing, but not for 2 weeks now. So, I think it's time to find some motivation and Finish something. I have a list of Things that must Wait, like tim's present-- I need to find a table of some sort to set my machine in so that I can quilt that project (and basically both other Christmas projects I have started).

Anyone have such a beast? Or, know where I can find one relatively inexpensively? Maybe this break will continue a little longer while I search the web...

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