Thursday, October 14, 2010

Still no magazine...

 After a trip to the MIL's this morning, I made these cute Halloween coasters today. I checked CVS for the magazine-- it was one of those "Might as well, since I'm here" kind of checks, so I wasn't too surprised that they didn't have it. Then, we took a trip to Wally World, and I was very disappointed that they seem to no longer carry Quiltmaker AT ALL!!!


We came home and I found one thing to do that I can never stay grumpy during: pumpkin carving!
Mine is on the left, Tim's on the right.
I love carving pumpkins.

Tomorrow, Tim goes back to work, so I will resume my Quiltmaker magazine hunt. Perhaps I will start with Erica's....

Reminder: If I get 26 followers, I'll host a giveaway during November!!!


  1. Kasey, Wow! Thank you for the wonderful surprise! I've started a quilt using that star pattern in red white blue polka dots! This will become a much needed pot holder since mine are atrocious! HUGSSS Cheri

  2. Hi Kasey....yes....w-a-y too cute coasters...AND you guys pumpkins are crazy fun!!!


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