Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Need that design wall pronto!

So, I went ahead and got fabric for sashing... got home, laid the blocks roughly on it, thought ok, then proceed to wash (I have to because of super sensitive skin), dry, press, and CUT the 2" strips.... only to discover AFTER I had cut enough strips that I preferred an alternate layout that will require Much Less fabric from the sashing fabric:

The original idea.... once I got to this step, though, I decided I didn't like it... UGH!!! All those strips cut for nothing!!!
THIS is what I think I'm going to actually do... But I might wait until after we move (that means a month) so that I can set up a design wall and actually play around before I commit to it, since I've already doubted once.
Maybe I can use up the extra strips for a border... big, deep sigh. I love my trees, and I want to get this "right." After I looked at that photo, I started thinking about adding a house in the "woods"... hmm... then that really screws up the idea os sashing!!! Decisions, decisions... this is where I need Tim home-- he'll listen to me talk about these ideas, and usually by the time I explain well enough for him to start to grasp my idea, I've figured out what I want to do. And then he usually smiles and gives me a kiss, and tells me it will look good no matter what I do. :)

And, now that I've been staring at those photos, I might reject that fabric for sashing completely... back to square one.... :/
I"m sure that swirly blue will get used somewhere!!! Maybe in this project yet.

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