Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A good end to a bad day

I need 20 more followers to reach my goal... won't you help me? I want to host a giveaway, but I need to know there's an audience, first!

I am happy to report that I had FUN in class last night!!! Seven of the undergrads were not there, which made for a delightful, happy, class, full of constructive criticism during the workshop process and intelligent remarks overall... now if only more classes could be like that!

This was made all the more enjoyable since I had THE WORST time at JoAnn's... there was some sort of problem with the register not ringing up 2 of my 3 remnants as remnants, which then caused it to put my coupons on the wrong items, making the total off by $7. In the grand scheme of things, $7 isn't much, but it's enough that I wanted to make sure it got fixed. After about 10 minutes of standing and waiting, I started getting embarrassed because the line by now has grown to about 20 people behind me and they just then got back up. And then the woman who came to help started yelling at me when she thought she had figured it out (but had only managed to get it 60 cents more in my favor), so I had to calm her down and basically make it very clear I am not frustrated with Any of the humans in the store, I was frustrated with the computer. UGH!
45 minutes later, they had it mostly figured out, but it has resulted in 2 charges on my bank card, one for the wrong amount, one for the right one. The wrong one was voided in the Joann's register, so when my account refreshes for the day, it better disappear from my statement and return my money. If not, I get to go to the bank with my voided receipt, signed by the store manager and everything, and let the bank figure it out. : /
A simple backing purchase turned out to be miserable. Let's hope that was all the "bad" for the week!!!

Today, I am going to be working on those finishes I mentioned yesterday. The funny thing is that I can potentially quilt at least one of them in less time than I spent waiting in line yesterday!

Here's a random, rather scary dream from last night: My mom took me on a bullet train in America, and it ran straight into an oncoming train, flattening over 40 people. The conductor then got out with an air hose and proceeded to re-inflate them, telling me, "See? You were right; this is just a dream. Nobody's dead. Ta-da!" At which point all the inflated bodies jumped up smiling. WEIRD!

On that note, time to go piece, quilt, and be merry!

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