Sunday, October 17, 2010

I should be a "picker"

I got home about an hour ago from going to look at the sewing machines... I bought 2!!!! This one got to come home today since it fit in the back seat of my Civic, cabinet and all....
I got it home, inspected it, ad have looked it up all over... and I GOT A GREAT DEAL! It runs very well. I paid $25 for it... just saw one sell on eBay for over $150.
the older one has to wait until friday to come live with me... Tim is going to come back with me to get it in the truck. I only paid the guy partway for it, in an effort to make sure it's still there Friday. Isn't is gorgeous??? It's a model 27, and according to the serial number I looked up, made in 1904. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Once it's all paid for, I will have paid only $25 for it, too!!!
Can you believe it? BOTH machines for $50. I love a good find like that!!!

Now I have to name them... I think the Fashion Mate shall be called Clinton, after my favorite "fashion mate," Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear.
The other will get named once it is in our house.

Oh happy day! I should go be a picker, waht with all the good deals I find on Tim's old belt buckles, and now this. :)

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  1. Oh such fun! You did a great job of picking and got a wonderful deal.


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