Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is it a crisis, or not?

What do you do when you notice an error in a quilt when it's too late to fix? Do you agonize for hours, trying to figure out if there are seams that can be ripped and restitched to get that color layout right? Or do you chalk it up to creative license?

This is the dilemma in which I find myself tonight... after a whirlwind day, more productive than usual, I discovered AFTER I had cut a D9P patch wrong, that it, the Last of the 4, was in fact wrong. I must have pieced it incorrectly-- that's all I can figure out.

Do you see the error? I pieced the bottom two rows as two blocks first... it's not in them. Then I cut the top right, and still everything looked great. And then there's that pesky upper left quadrant: I must have sewn the nine-patch wrong, not noticed, then cute it and sewed the two pairs, and THEN laid it out and noticed!!!


What am I going to do?

After pondering the possibility of ripping way too many seams, I went ahead and sewed the last two. I'm looking at this quilt as another lesson to check before I cut. It's also serving as a larger, more difficult lesson: LET GO OF YOUR OCD.

I have been making baby steps in letting go of some of my perfection-driven habits, and have been trying to modify destructive obsessive-compulsive behaviors. This quilt have given me the opportunity to allow an imperfection without it being something I'll have to stare at or deal with every day, since I intend to either sell it or give it away. I can't stand the thought of selling something "flawed," but that whole concept begs the question: Is it flawed or not?

My conclusion is that the quilt is not as flawed as my silly brain's desire for perfection. So, I probably will sell it... but I won't ask as much as I originally planned! See, compromise!

The borders are cut, and will be sewn on, thus eliminating any choice. And before I can change my mind, I'll do some simple quilting, similar to the other D9P. Nad then I will bind it, "flaws" and all, and take it with me as I look for a local place to sell things on commission in an attempt to build a customer base.  And then I will know just how flawed it is, or isn't.

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